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Senior Biomedical Research Service (SBRS) Policy Board

The NIH Senior Biomedical Research Service (SBRS) Policy Board was established to perform the following policy and advisory functions:

  • Provide oversight for the management and administration of the SBRS at NIH, including:
    • Formulating and recommending policies and procedures.
    • Evaluating operational effectiveness.
    • Recommending modifications and changes in policies and procedures to the NIH Director, when necessary.
  • Advise the NIH Director on the utilization of the SBRS positions allocated to NIH.
  • Review and make recommendations to the NIH Director regarding:
    • The qualifications and credentials of nominees for membership in the SBRS.
    • The priority order of those individuals recommended for SBRS appointment.
    • The IC performance appraisal and re-certification recommendations for SBRS members.
  • Consider appeals submitted by SBRS members and/or IC Directors concerning re-certification or removal determinations.
    • The Board will consider the merits of each appeal, acquire additional information as needed, and make recommendations to the NIH Director concerning the disposition of each appeal.
  • Advise on any other issue or policy referred to the Board for consideration.


Voting Members

Michael Gottesman, DDIR

Adrian Bax, NIDDK
Gary Felsenfeld, NIDDK
Frank Gonzalez, NCI
Alan G. Hinnebusch, NICHD
Y. Peng Loh, NICHD
Harry Malech, NIAID

Malcolm A. Martin, NIAID
Howard A. Nash, NIMH
Griffin P. Rodgers, NIDDK
Leslie G. Ungerleider, NIMH
Kenneth M. Yamada, NIDCR
Neal Young, NHLBI

Non-Voting Attendees

OHR Representative(s)

OEDI Representative(s)

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