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Intramural Program on Research on Women's Health

The Intramural Program on Research on Women's Health (IPRWH) is a new entity developed within the Office of Research on Women's Health (ORWH), Office of the Director, NIH. The IPRWH serves as the focal point for all intramural women's health research, including sex and gender comparison research, within the Intramural Research Programs (IRP) at the NIH and supports the ORWH mission to:

  • Promote, stimulate, and support efforts to improve the health of women through biomedical and behavioral research within the Institutes and Centers comprising the Intramural Research Programs of the NIH.
  • Enhance communication among, and recruitment of, researchers on women's health among the Institutes and Centers.
  • Develop and communicate training opportunities and recruit new clinical and basic research trainees into the IPRWH at the NIH.

The IPRWH has assembled a Steering Committee comprised of researchers from a variety of NIH Institutes and Centers. The Steering Committee members are also members of three subcommittees that focus on specific areas on interest to the IPRWH:

  • Scientific Interest Group
  • Training Subcommittee
  • Outside Support/Grants

Women's Health Scientific Interest Group

The first product of these subcommittees was the establishment of the Women's Health Scientific Interest Group. All scientists interested in research areas related to women's health are invited to join.

As a member of the Women's Health Scientific Interest Group, you will be involved in:

  • Discussing possible collaborations on current and future studies on women's health research including but not limited to:
    1. Overarching approaches for research on women's health including sex/gender differences
    2. Topical research priorities related to basic, translational, behavioral and clinical research
  • Brainstorming ideas and suggestions for programs that could fall under research on women's health, as well as any other topic of interest to the group
  • Attending the monthly WHSIG Lecture Series
  • Sharing reagents, laboratory equipment, and expertise

To join the WHSIG, go to To view a list of WHSIG lectures, click here.

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