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NINDS Intramural Scientist Development Program

This program provides an opportunity for a limited number of scientists and physicians in the intramural program of NINDS to enhance their professional skills and research programs through independent or collaborative research at domestic or foreign educational or research institutions. It is similar in its goals to sabbatical programs offered by universities. This program has been created for tenured independent investigators; however, in exceptional circumstances tenure- track investigators, or staff scientists or clinicians, may apply. We particularly encourage investigators to engage in activities that will expand their research armamentarium. We anticipate that scientists will take advantage of such a program at most once every six years.

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be considered on the basis of:

  1. Perceived potential for professional growth and career development as a result of program participation.
  2. Scientific merit and/or promise of applicant's proposal, including the appropriateness of the designated academic institution or research facility in providing an environment suitable for the proposed study or research.
  3. Scientific accomplishments as assessed by publications and honors including service on grant review groups and editorial boards.

Duration and Funding

Sabbaticals may be as short as three months or as long as a year. In most cases, support for sabbatical will include salary plus 50% of the housing per diem for the sabbatical location and an allowance for travel and moving of some personal belongings.

Application Process and Evaluation

The application should consist of a three to four page proposal describing the project to be undertaken, the rationale for selection of the site and sponsor, the anticipated gains from the experience and an updated curriculum vitae and bibliography. It should also include a paragraph detailing how the NINDS laboratory and/or clinical activities will be maintained. A letter indicating the tentative support of the advisor should be appended.

Proposals should be submitted six months before the anticipated initiation of the sabbatical. Recommendations about funding will be made to the Scientific Director by an Evaluation Committee consisting of tenured NINDS investigators. Final decisions about funding will be made by the Director, Deputy Director and Scientific Director.

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