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Cancer Metabolism Interest Group

The Cancer Metabolism Interest Group aims to provide a forum for individuals from NIH and the extramural community to discuss basic, translational and clinical research related to metabolism and the intersection of metabolism with immunology. The wide scope of seminar topics will reflect the increasing recognition that the study of subcellular, cellular and whole-body metabolism is relevant for understanding metabolic heterogeneity, drug resistance, diets in cancer, cancer biology and tumor progression. The group will meet each month, on the first Monday virtually for now. Each meeting will features one 60-minute presentation from an intramural or extramural senior scientist or two 30-minute presentations from trainees.

Senior adviser are Mark Gilbert, M.D. (NCI-CCR) and Dan McVicar, Ph.D. (NCI-CCR). The SIG Chair is Mioara Larion, Ph.D. (NCI-CCR).

Contact Dr. Larion,, for more information about this newly formed group.

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