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List of Trans-NIH Committees

The following individuals represent the administrative community on the following trans-NIH committees:

Institute Member Committee
NCCIH Sandy Putsky Simplified Acquisition Committee
NCCIH Jana Kinder Simplified Acquisition Committee
NHGRI Danielle Buice SAC, IC PCard Coordinator, Acquisition Structure Focus Group, IC P-Card CAO Focus Group
NHGRI Trish Messick SAC, IC PCard Coordinator, POTS User Committee, Acquisition Structure Focus Group
NIAID/DIR Kevin Sullivan NIH Off-Boarding Advisory Committee
NIAMS Andi Ricche NBS Advocate Committee, IC Purchase Card Coordinator Committee
NIAMS Valerie Green NBS Advocate Committee, IC Purchase Card Coordinator Committee
NICHD Francie Kitzmiller CIVIL, POTS Oversight, DSEIS Business Advisory Board
NICHD Rebecca Preston POTS User Committee, IC P-Card Coordinator, IC Advocate, Simplified Acquisition Committee
NIMHD Brenda Parker EAMC, IAMC, NBS Advocate Committee, IC Purchase Card Coordinator, Travel HPOC, Simplified Acquisition Committee
NINDS Christine Koch-Paiz NIH Acquisition Gateway Committee, Optimize NIH Travel, Optimize NIH T42
OALM - Liaison Nancy Norton OALM Liaison for IAMC
OD/EO Belinda Cowling NBS Advocate Committee; Simplified Acquisition Committee; NIH Optimize Acquisitions Leaders Group
OD/OM/OSPMO Sherry Quinn Multiple Optimize IT Security Workgroups & Teams, Strategic Change Community of Practice
ORS Irene Hangemanole NBS Advocate
NCI/CCR Rena Rodriguez CREx Steering Committee

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