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Introduction to "My Laboratory"

One hour of Supervisory Training will be awarded for completion of one hour of Interaction with Lab Staff and Trainees on Basic Expectations of Laboratory behavior and etiquette

Resources for Supervisory Training Format for Annual Presentation in Lab Meeting

Lab head spends one group meeting going over expectations for behavior, record keeping etc. developed specifically for her/his laboratory staff, and trainees (postdocs, postbacs, VFs, and/or summer students.) Recommendations below should be tailored to specific requirements of type of research and recordkeeping needs: notebooks, electronic format, dedicated server, etc. or any combination thereof.

  1. Bennett, et al., The ‘Welcome Letter’: A Useful Tool for Laboratories and Teams, J. Transl Med & Epidemiol 2(2): 1035, 2014.
  2. Lab Compact Examples
  3. Generic Welcome Letter (template)
  4. Guide to Training and Mentoring
  5. Checklist for Scientific Record Keeping
  6. Guidelines for Scientific Recordkeeping in the IRP
  7. Scientific Recordkeeping

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