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NIH Space Recommendation Board

The NIH Space Recommendation Board (SRB), a subcommittee of the Facilities Working Group (FWG), manages space allocations for the NIH Director, through the Space Justification Document process, in response to requests for space needed within 5 years. The Director, Office of Research Facilities Development and Operations (ORF), Mr. Dan Wheeland, addresses the facility appropriateness of the requests. The Deputy Director for Intramural Research (DDIR), Dr. Michael Gottesman, addresses program issues and prioritizes requests for laboratory and clinical research space for the Institute or Center (IC) Intramural Research Programs (IRP). Program issues and priorities for administrative space requests for the ICs and Office of the Director (OD), including Extramural Research Program (ERP), are addressed by the Deputy Director for Management (DDM), Ms. Colleen Barros. An IC Director from the FWG also participates in the SRB meetings. The ORF Division of Facilities Planning provides staff support to the SRB.

The SRB makes many routine decisions to create and allocate NIH Director’s Reserve Space and to lease additional space, within the NIH Strategic Facilities Plan and following the general programmatic guidance of NIH Leadership, the NIH Director, and the NIH FWG. Space decisions that have major policy implications are referred to the FWG or discussed directly with the Director.

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  • Deputy Director for Intramural Research (co-chair)
  • Deputy Director for Management (co-chair)
  • Director, Office of Research Facilities (co-chair)
  • FWG Member - Dr. Paul Sieving, NEI


  • Frank Piatikowski
  • Ricardo Herring

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