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Committee on Scientific Conduct and Ethics (CSCE)

The Committee on Scientific Conduct and Ethics is composed of a broad spectrum of scientists from the ICs. The committee was established in September 1995 with the following charges:

  • To develop and/or refine existing guidelines for the conduct of research, to develop procedures to protect both whistle blowers and scientists accused of scientific misconduct, and to develop a model for binding arbitration.
  • To develop effective mechanisms for research ethics training for the NIH scientific community,
  • To develop a course to train principal investigators in leadership, mentoring, and handling of conflict skills.
  • To develop mechanisms to deal rapidly and fairly with allegations of scientific misconduct, or disputes related to authorship practices, sharing of data or reagents, mentoring or supervision, or comparable issues.

Committee members are nominated by their institutes' scientific directors for a term of three years. Terms expire on a rolling basis.

For further information, please contact Dr. Demetrius Albanes, Chair (240-276-7212).


Dr. Demetrius Albanes, NCI-DCEG

Dr. Kathryn M. Partin
OIR Representative, Agency Intramural Research Integrity Officer (AIRIO)

Dr. Taraswi Banerjee
OIR, Executive Secretary

Dr. Richa Agarwala, NLM-NCBI
Mr. Benjamin Berkman, NHGRI
Dr. Manfred Boehm, NHLBI
Dr. Jan Clark, NIMH
Dr. Mark Cookson, NIA
Dr. Thomas Dever, NICHD
Dr. Joseph Frank, CC
Dr. Lucio Gama, NIAID/VRC
Dr. John Heiss, NINDS
Dr. Deborah Hinton, NIDDK
Dr. Albert Jin, NIBIB
Dr. Fatima Karzai, NCI-CCR

Dr. Ann Knebel, NCATS
Dr. Elyssa Monzack, NIDCD
Dr. Davide Randazzo, NIAMS
Dr. David Resnik, NIEHS
Dr. Betty Jo Salmeron, NIDA
Dr. David Schneeweiss, NEI
Dr. Pamela Tamez, NINR
Dr. Carol Thiele, NCI-CCR
Dr. Steve Vogel, NIAAA
Dr. Faustine Williams, NIMHD
Dr. Kenneth Yamada, NIDCR

Postdoctoral Fellow (FelCom) Representative

Dr. Tamara Haque, NIAID

Ex-Officio Members

Mr. Jason Baker, Ombudsman Representative
Dr. Jillian Varonin, Special Advisor


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