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Annual Reports and Bibliographies

The NIH Intramural Annual Report is a summary of each Z01 intramural research project. It is the basis for indexing intramural research projects in the CRISP system used by the Center for Scientific Review for extramural research and is the central source for information about intramural research programs.

The Principal Investigator of each project (i.e., a Senior Investigator or Investigator in the current intramural professional designations) submits an Annual Report for each project, which is then approved by his or her Laboratory/Branch Chief and Scientific Director before being submitted to the Annual Report Coordinator of each IC. These Coordinators will answer procedural questions, set the internal deadlines for completion of the Report, assign new project numbers, and assemble the final IC report.

Annual Reports since 1998 can be searched at

An Annual Report receives a Z01 number, whose components include:

  • The activity code "ZO1" is used by all ICs to denote an intramural research project.
  • The two-letter IC code "HL" denotes that the project is being conducted within the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. A complete list of IC codes can be found in the NIH Manual Issuance 4101.
  • The serial number should contain five digits. It is unique to the project for as long as the project remains active. The two-letter IC code and the five-digit serial number change only if the principal investigator transfers to another IC. These numbers are assigned by the Annual Report Coordinator.
  • The two-digit suffix number "06" indicates that FY 99 is the 6th year since the inception of the project. Projects initiated in FY 99 that are being reported for the first time are in their "01" year. Projects reported last year and again this year, that remain in the same IC, will have the same Project Number as last year except that the suffix number will be increased by one.
  • The Laboratory/Branch code (e.g., "CHB") must be limited to 4 letters. In most instances the Laboratory and Branch letter codes may be found in the NIH Telephone Directory.
  • Continuing projects that transferred from one IC to another within the last year, that receive a new serial number, should be mentioned in the Project Description Section.

The Annual Bibliography is now collected yearly, in association with the preparation of the Annual Report. In addition, each investigator can add other references at any time during the year. Any scientific staff at the NIH will be able to have their own Annual Bibliography.

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