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Chronobiology and Sleep Interest Group

The Scientific Interest Group on Chronobiology and Sleep (Chrono-Sleep SIG) serves as a scientific and technical resource for investigators in the intramural research program at the National Institutes of Health and for investigators at other local institutions. Both sleep and circadian rhythms represent fundamental, evolutionarily conserved processes that are involved in many biological phenomena. Consequently, these processes are of interest to investigators in numerous fields whose labs are housed in different institutes spread across the NIH. This interest group aims to provide a centralized point of contact for these investigators that will facilitate discourse and advance the study of sleep and chronobiology at the NIH.

To achieve this aim, the Chrono-Sleep SIG holds monthly meetings that feature intramural and extramural researchers presenting their recent findings. Trainees are particularly encouraged to present their work to the group. Meeting announcements will be made on this website and via the listserv.

Additionally, there are some instances where a researcher wishes to begin incorporating measures and manipulations of sleep and/or chronobiological processes but would benefit from scientific or technical advice while getting started. Rather than leaving this investigator to re-solve issues that have been addressed by others, the Chrono-Sleep SIG provides a membership list complete with relevant scientific interests and technical expertise.

Finally, this website serves as a bulletin board highlighting those research accomplishments of NIH investigators that are relevant to sleep and chronobiology. Furthermore, postings of major papers (regardless of their source) relevant to the subject area of this SIG and links to recent news articles of interest will be included on the bulletin board. If you know of a recent paper or news item that should be included, please email the group moderators: Matthew Pava or David Klein.

Mailing List

To join the Chronobiology and Sleep Interest Group mailing list, please visit the Chronobiology and Sleep Interest Group Listserv home page, then click the “Subscribe or Unsubscribe” link in the right sidebar.



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