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GlycoBiology Scientific Interest Group

The term “Glycobiology” was first used in 1988 to indicate the blending of carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry, with an understanding of glycans at the cellular and molecular level. Carbohydrates are one of the three major bio-macromolecules responsible for bulk information transfer in biological systems and are involved in a multitude of cellular functions including: cell recognition; motility/homing to specific tissues; signaling processes; cell differentiation; cell adhesion; microbial pathogenesis; and immunological recognition. The cross-cutting research interests of the intramural NIH make it an ideal environment for studies in the glycosciences. A core group of laboratories representing several institutes and the FDA, form the postdoctoral training laboratories of the Glycobiology SIG. Laboratory training is augmented with a “Special Topics in Glycobiology Course,” a seminar series and an annual NIH FDA Glycosciences Research Day held each spring that highlights work being done locally in the glycosciences. A Steering Committee composed of both intra and extramural NIH, FDA, NIST and DOE scientists orgainize the SIGs activities.

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