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Matrix Biology Interest Group

Extracellular matrix (ECM) is not just a scaffold, but also the environment defining cell differentiation, function, and signaling in all tissues and organs, as well as a conduit for many higher-level functions in multicellular organisms. The importance of ECM biology for the mission of many NIH ICs was the motivating factor behind monthly trans-NIH Matrix Club meetings, which were jointly hosted by NIDCR and NICHD for many years. Traditionally, these meetings are based on two back-to-back 30-min presentations, mostly by NIH trainees. The Matrix Club goals are to exchange new scientific ideas and methods across NIH and to foster new collaborations.

Over the years, Matrix Club meetings have been particularly important for NIH trainees, providing them with important opportunities for presenting to a wider audience, meeting with experts in the field, and finding mentors beyond their labs. Trainees from NIDCR, NICHD, NIAMS, NHGRI, NCI, and other NIH ICs have presented at these meetings, some getting useful feedback and advice, some finding new collaborations, and some finding new NIH fellowships after completing training at another NIH IC. The creation of the trans-NIH Matrix Biology Scientific Interest Group based on the Matrix Club further enhances these benefits and open them up to a wider NIH community. Monthly meetings of the new Matrix Biology SIG will be hosted by NIDCR and NICHD, depending on large conference room availability.

Co-chairs: Pamela Robey (NIDCR) and Sergey Leikin (NICHD).

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