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Pancreatic Cancer Interest Group (PCIG)

Pancreatic Cancer is one of the most lethal malignancies and is the 3rd leading cause of death due to cancer in the United States. There is no reliable biomarker for early detection, and the available treatments are ineffective in advanced stages of this disease. Success in improving the outcome for pancreatic cancer patients requires better understanding of pancreatic tumor biology, delineating the molecular subgroups and subgroup-specific therapeutic targets in order to enable precision treatment strategies, and identification of reliable biomarkers for early detection. Achieving these goals can be maximized through interactions and collaborative team science among intramural scientists on a regular basis. Pancreatic Cancer Interest Group (PCIG) is a highly active scientific group of basic researchers and clinicians, who are working on various aspects of pancreatic cancer. PCIG promotes the exchange of scientific information and interactions among members of the group to foster collaborations through monthly meetings. The meeting is conducted every third Thursday of the month. PCIG also organizes pancreatic cancer symposiums and invites extramural scientists, who are world leaders in the field to maximize the exchange of latest information and promote collaborations. We have so far organized four Pancreatic Cancer Symposiums. A steering committee comprised of NIH scientists from basic, epidemiological and clinical disciplines is responsible for running this interest group.

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