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Science of Science Communication Scientific Interest Group

Effectively communicating research results to a broad range of audiences is integral to the scientific process. The ability to tell rigorous and compelling stories of science can elevate a researcher’s profile, facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations, and increase the impact of their scholarly publications within the scientific community. Perhaps more importantly, strong communication can also enhance public engagement with science, allowing researchers to build bridges of trust with non-technical audiences and instill a sense of curiosity and wonder among inquiring minds. While artistry is no doubt critical to communications, there exists an underlying body of literature that draws from fields including psychology, sociology, and political science that provide a theoretical foundation for scientific communications.

The NIH Science of Science Communication Interest Group (ScioSciComm-SIG) plans to focus specifically on the scientific design and evaluation of science communication, with seminars/journal clubs highlighting both measures of effectiveness and methods to increase general success or target efforts to respond to specific goals. 

The interest group is chaired by Chris Gunter (NHGRI) and Maryam Zaringhalam (NLM). Membership in the ScioSciComm-SIG will be open to all interested individuals within the NIH, who can join the listserv via A combination of face-to-face meetings and remote webinars will be held monthly (days and times to be determined). For more information and instructions on joining the newsletter, contact Drs. Zaringhalam or Gunter.

Mailing List

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