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Single-Cell Genomics Interest Group

Many biomedical studies assume that cells within a particular cell type in vivo or in vitro are identical, even though accumulating evidence suggests that the cells are heterogeneous. The differences between individual cells in a population may be important for many biological and pathological processes such as cell fate, differentiation, response to external stimuli and drugs, and cancer pathogenesis. Many at NIH already have explored recent advances in nanotechnology and next-generation sequencing that make it feasible to sequence the genomes and transcriptomes of individual cells. The Single-Cell Genomics SIG will build upon this momentum by presenting a monthly seminar series with both internal and outside experts. The SIG also plans to run a monthly joint lab meeting to discuss technologically related issues. Potential future events include a scientific symposium and workshops. To join the LISTSERV (SINGLECELLGENOMICS-L), visit Any questions should be directed to the co-chairs, Paul Liu of NHGRI ( and Mark Cookson of NIA (

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