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Guidelines for the Review of Scientific Directors


Each Scientific Director should be reviewed by an ad hoc external committee every four-to-six years or as the need arises. (NIH Policy Manual Chapter 3005)

Outline of Process and Format

  • IC Director sends a letter to the Chair of the IC Advisory Council or Board, requesting that the review of the IC Scientific Director be performed. The Council or Board is requested to establish an ad hoc committee, composed of at least four members, which will report to the IC's Advisory Council or Board. The committee may contain one member who is a present or former BSC member, while the others may be drawn from the IC Advisory Council or Board, former IC intramural scientists, and other senior scientists and scientific administrators. The BSC cannot carry out this review since the BSC is charged with reviewing the Intramural Research Program, but not its scientific and administrative directions.
  • The Scientific Director submits a progress report, covering the four-to-six year period since the previous review, to the chair of the ad hoc committee entitled: "Report of the Scientific Director, (IC)”, to the Chair, for Review. This report should describe short-and long-term goals and program achievements since the previous review or since assuming the position of SD.
  • Ad hoc committee conducts review of the Scientific Director which should include interviews with the Scientific Director, Lab/Branch Chiefs, IC scientists at all levels, the IC Director, and the DDIR. Letters of reference may be solicited as appropriate.
  • Chair, ad hoc committee, submits a report to the Advisory Council or Board, via the IC Director, entitled "Review of the Scientific Director (IC)". The report should comment on:
    • overall performance of the SD as head of the intramural program
    • scientific vision
    • quality of training and mentoring within the IRP
    • success in assuring diversity and fair treatment of scientists within the IRP
    • administrative style and skills of the SD
    • interactions with the Lab/Branch Chiefs and the offices of the IC Director and the DDIR
    • SD interactions with the BSC

    The Advisory Council or Board will make recommendations to the IC Director and DDIR. The recommendations will be discussed with the NIH Director. A response from the IC Director should be made to the IC Advisory Council or Board and the DDIR within six months.
  • Attachments to the committee’s recommendations
    • copy of letter from the Chair, Ad hoc committee, to References
    • list of references who received letters
    • copies of reference letters received

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