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Adherence Research Network Scientific Interest Group

The Adherence Research Network SIG is a transdisciplinary consortium of Institutes and Centers at NIH who provide leadership, vision, and support to strengthen adherence research funded by the NIH.

Poor adherence to prescribed medications and other recommended prevention, screening, treatment, monitoring, and health behavior regimens is common across many chronic illnesses and patient populations. The continued evidence of non-adherence in many chronic conditions and insufficient evidence for how to improve adherence highlights the need for transformative research. A critical public health need is to build upon the current evidence base to fully understand the conditions that precipitate poor adherence and develop and implement next-generation interventions to improve adherence and health outcomes.

To advance the field of adherence research, the Adherence Research Network SIG works to evaluate the state of the science and disseminate scientific information and NIH research priorities through conference symposia, meetings, and white papers. The Adherence Research Network SIG, in collaboration with the Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research also sponsors a funding opportunity for R01s and R21s to improve adherence to treatment and prevention regimens.

The Adherence Research Network SIG meets once a month. Regular meetings highlight adherence research that is funded by NIH as well as the scientific priorities and related activities of participating ICs. Meetings are also used to advance collaborative projects pursued by the SIG. In addition to regular meetings, the Adherence Research Network SIG hosts a webinar series to showcase cutting edge research on adherence measurement and approaches to optimize adherence to treatment and prevention regimens.

To join the NIH Adherence Research Network SIG, please e-mail one of the Chairs ( or, who will add you to the mailing list.



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